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September 11, 2023
What to know about the Morocco earthquake and the efforts to help


September 8, 2023
Severe flooding in Greece leaves at least 6 dead and 6 missing


September 8, 2023
2 dead in Hong Kong amid extreme rain and flash floods that also struck southern China


August 31, 2023
‘All hell broke loose’: Hurricane Idalia hits Florida with 205 kph winds

NewsHurricaneMitigation & Prevention

August 30, 2023
18 years after Katrina, group wants future engineers to learn from past mistakes


August 29, 2023
Florida governor declares widespread state of emergency ahead of hurricane


August 28, 2023
Greece reinforces firefighting forces to tackle massive blaze


August 24, 2023
Firefighters in Greece struggle to control deadly blazes


August 23, 2023
Rescuers evacuate thousands from flood hit areas of Pakistan’s Punjab province

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August 21, 2023
Rain from Tropical Storm Hilary lashes California and Mexico

NewsLandslideSevere Storm

August 17, 2023
Heavy rain, landslides have killed at least 72 people in an Indian Himalayan state


August 10, 2023
In Depth: What’s driving Maui’s devastating fires


August 9, 2023
Hawaii wildfires: homes consumed and evacuations ordered


August 2, 2023
Beijing records 29 inches of rain over 5 days, its most in at least 140 years


July 19, 2023
Officials worry about confusion with Alaska’s tsunami warning alert system


July 18, 2023
South Korea searches for missing people as death toll from downpours reaches 41


July 17, 2023
Heavy rains swamp U.S. Northeast again as flash flooding claims at least 5


July 17, 2023
Earthquake off the Alaska coast triggers brief tsunami advisory


July 17, 2023
Vermont starts long road to recovery from historic floods


July 12, 2023
Vermont slowly turns to recovery after being hit by flood from slow moving storm


June 23, 2023
2 tropical storms form in an early, aggressive start to Atlantic hurricane season

NewsResponseSevere Storm

June 22, 2023
Tornadoes tear through Texas town, killing 4 and causing widespread damage


June 21, 2023
New firefighting planes are on their way, with a little delay: De Havilland Canada

NewsResponseSevere Storm

June 20, 2023
Multiple tornadoes leave 1 dead and nearly 2 dozen injured in Mississippi

NewsResponseSevere Storm

June 16, 2023
Tornado devastates Texas Panhandle town, killing 3 and injuring dozens

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June 7, 2023
Ukraine rushes drinking water to flooded areas following major dam breach


June 1, 2023
The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season is now underway. Here’s what to know.


May 26, 2023
Guam ‘very blessed’ with no early reports of major damage in aftermath of Typhoon Mawar