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Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionResponseWildfire

August 22, 2023
Opinion: Yellowknife evacuees will need culturally specific support services

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionPreparation

August 17, 2023
Opinion: Canadians are unprepared for natural hazards. Here’s what we can do about it

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionResponseWildfire

July 27, 2023
Opinion: How our diverse experiences can strengthen disaster response

Watch & ListenNewsPreparation

July 6, 2023
World Meteorological Organization declares onset of El Niño conditions

Watch & ListenHurricane

July 4, 2023
Extreme Weather Webinar Series: Hurricanes

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionPreparationResponseWildfire

June 6, 2023
Opinion: Wildfire preparedness, response must plan for unhoused people, other vulnerable populations

Watch & ListenFeaturesEarthquakeMitigation & PreventionPreparation

June 1, 2023
A look at Ocean Networks Canada’s earthquake early warning system

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionMitigation & PreventionPreparation

May 25, 2023
Opinion: As we fight the Alberta and B.C. wildfires, we must also plan for future disasters

Watch & ListenNewsPreparation

May 8, 2023
Minister Blair marks Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

Watch & ListenFeaturesResources

April 11, 2023
How to use free satellite data to monitor natural disasters, environmental changes

Watch & ListenFeaturesResponse

January 19, 2023
EM Roundtable: Prioritizing resources, finding allies, setting goals

Watch & ListenNewsMitigation & PreventionPreparationRecoveryResponse

December 21, 2022
Minister Blair and counterparts meet on shared emergency management priorities

Watch & ListenNewsHurricaneRecovery

November 18, 2022
Canadian Red Cross: Inside the Hurricane Fiona Charlottetown reception centre

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionMitigation & PreventionPreparationWildfire

October 14, 2022
Opinion: Despite its long history of wildfires, Canada still doesn’t know how to live with them

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionFloodLandslideResponse

September 15, 2022
Opinion: Culpability for the Pakistan floods rests with government, rich countries

Watch & ListenFeaturesOpinionFloodLandslideMitigation & PreventionRecovery

September 8, 2022
Opinion: Pakistan flooding shows that climate adaptation requires international support, regional co-operation