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Extreme weather a growing risk to Canada’s electricity grid: experts

A series of electricity grid alerts in Alberta during the deep freeze last week made headlines across the country, but experts say power systems all across North America are increasingly at risk of being overloaded during severe weather.

Passenger on downed B.C. helicopter used emergency radio to call for help

A passenger on a helicopter that crashed north of Terrace, B.C., on Monday used a guest radio to notify the heli-skiing firm of the accident, the company's president says.

Emergencies Act ruling reopens emotional debate two years after huge protests

A judge's ruling that the federal Liberals were unjustified in using emergency law to quell a weeks-long protest in Ottawa has left the administrator of a downtown church feeling the court disregarded infringements of her rights.


A must-attend virtual event for Canadian disaster management professionals

Presented in partnership with the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management, DEMvolution will gather a group of disaster and emergency management professionals to discuss the evolution of the field and where we go from here. Speakers will cover a range of themes, inspiring lively discussions around standards, core competencies, education, policy, roadblocks and opportunities facing the profession.

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Disaster response dilemmas: 11 difficult choices emergency managers face

Author Jori Kalkman's shares details from his new book exploring 11 difficult choices emergency managers face when responding to disasters. » Read More...

Unlocking Interoperability: How Canada’s public safety agencies can work better together

InterOp Canada Recap: Why interoperability between Canada’s public safety agencies has long been a challenge. » Read More...

Frontline Crisis Response | Jori P. Kalkman

Frontline crisis response is challenging. Emergency responders, soldiers, and humanitarian aid workers all operate at the frontlines of threatening, uncertain crisis situations on a daily basis. Under intense pressure, they need to make a range of difficult decisions. This book conducts in-depth studies of eleven such dilemmas by integrating a wide array of research findings on crisis response operations. As such, this book will undoubtedly help to understand, evaluate, and advance crisis response operations.

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Mutual aid and cultural competency: collaboration in times of emergency

Disaster Forum provided a platform to address the importance co-operation and relationship building during times of emergency, from mutual aid to the representation of Indigenous voices. » Read More...


CatIQ Connect 2024  

Feb. 6-7, 2024 | Toronto » Learn More

DRI 2024

March 3-6, 2024 | New Orleans »