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About 16,000 Quebec clients remain without power six days after ice storm

Quebec's electric utility says it still can't say with certainty when power will return to all the homes and businesses affected by last week's ice storm.

B.C. coastal communities take part in Tsunami Preparedness Week

Coastal communities in B.C. are at risk of tsunamis and the province is reminding people about the importance of getting prepared as part of Tsunami Preparedness Week.

Canada's tornado warning performance gets passing grade in 2022

The Northern Tornadoes Project at Western University in Ontario has release the 2022 assessment of tornado warning performance in the country.

Northern Alberta county proposes regional emergency partnership

Northern Sunrise County in Alberta is asking neighbouring municipalities if they would like to participate in a regional emergency partnership.

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Sirens For Life launches in BC!

Looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in your community? Consider joining the Sirens For Life campaign! This partnership between Canadian Blood Services and first responders across Canada aims to increase blood and plasma donations and raise awareness about the importance of donating. By joining the campaign, you can pledge to donate blood or plasma, create a Partners For Life team, and use your voice to encourage others to donate. With your help, we can ensure a stable supply of blood for patients in need across Canada. Join the Sirens For Life campaign today and help us save lives! » Learn more

How EMOs across Canada orchestrate emergency management

Canada's emergency management response can involve local, regional/provincial/state and national entities, depending on the scale and type of disaster. Take a look at how each province and territory in Canada structures its EMO. » Read More...

How to use free satellite data to monitor natural disasters, environmental changes

The increasing availability of open-access data from government satellites and free cloud-computing resources have made it possible for just about anyone to gain insight into environmental changes underway. » Read More...

Missouri tornado kills multiple people, sows destruction

A large tornado tore through southeastern Missouri last week, causing widespread destruction and killing multiple people as a broad swath of the Midwest and South braced for further storms. » Read More...

Ontario derecho, tornado recovery funding not enough, municipalities say

Funding meant to help Ontario communities recover from extreme wind damage won't be enough to make property and business owners whole or eliminate risks to vital infrastructure, some municipalities say. » Read More...

Mistakes, typos drove long lineups for Fiona money distributed by Red Cross in P.E.I.

Typos and small mistakes led to thousands of people on Prince Edward Island failing the Canadian Red Cross's authentication process to obtain money in the aftermath of post-tropical storm Fiona. » Read More...


Bordering on Disaster Conference

Sept. 13, 2023 | Lloydminster, AB » Learn More