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Halifax officials worry high winds will cause 'reburn' in subdivisions

The uncontained wildfire in suburban Halifax has remained stable, but the return of dry, windy conditions Tuesday could lead to a "reburn'' in evacuated subdivisions, officials say.

'Crushing consequences': experts see growing risk as wildfires crash into communities

Research suggests that so-called interface fires, which occur where forests and flames meet human development, are on the rise.

B.C. funds 78 projects to support local emergency operations centres

The projects involve purchasing and installing equipment and supplies, as well training and exercises to increase capacity, the province said.

Costs of weather-related disasters soars, but early warnings save lives: WMO

Extreme weather, climate and water-related events caused 11,778 reported disasters between 1970 and 2021, with just over two million deaths and US$4.3 trillion in economic losses.


Opinion: As we fight the Alberta and B.C. wildfires, we must also plan for future disasters

UBC researchers Jonathan Eaton and Sara Shneiderman suggest a critical need for integrated disaster governance and policy planning that considers the full range of risks, regardless of whether they are affecting us now or in the future. » Read More...

Technology could be key to future wildfire prevention, fighting: companies

With wildfires become more intense and frequent, help could come in the form of technology aimed at making wildfire prevention, containment and fighting easier, more accurate and less costly. » Read More...

Meteorologists challenged after local radar station down during Regina tornado

Weather radar was not operating the night a tornado touched down and caused damage south of Regina, making it difficult for meteorologists to track the storm. » Read More...

Atlantic hurricane season's severity depends on who wins unusual battle of climatic titans

Two clashing climatic behemoths, one natural and one with human fingerprints, will square off this summer to determine how quiet or chaotic the Atlantic hurricane season will be. » Read More...

Lack of emergency support for Friendship Centres ties hands and delays response: NAFC

The National Association of Friendship Centres says it is disappointed in the lack of response and support for Friendship Centres responding to climate emergencies. » Read More...


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