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Minister Blair marks Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

"This year’s theme, 'Be Prepared. Know your Risks', encourages Canadians to understand the potential risks in their area and learn what actions they can take to protect themselves and their families," Bill Blair said.

Alberta wildfire evacuees to get financial aid, military to help

Premier Danielle Smith said military personnel would be deployed to prevent looting and maintain order in evacuated communities.

WHO downgrades COVID pandemic, says it's no longer emergency

The World Health Organization said Friday that COVID-19 no longer qualifies as a global emergency, marking a symbolic end to the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

Fort Albany Chief says flood protections in Northeastern Ontario are falling short

Fort Albany Chief Elizabeth Kataquapit says the dykes that are supposed to protect the Northeastern Ontario community are falling apart.


The 72-hour fallacy: Preparing your communities for the unexpected

A timely read on the 72-hour preparedness rule. Avert spoke with emergency management professor Chris J. Collins and Scott Cameron with Emergency Management Logistics Canada about preparation options outside of the 72-hour rule. » Read More...

Emergency preparedness: Manitoba spring storms and flooding

Melanie Zukowski outlines three quick tips Made Safe shares with Manitobans to prepare for a "safe and not-too-soggy spring." » Read More...

Firefighters question Alberta cuts to aerial attack teams

Former members of an elite Alberta wildfire-fighting crew say government budget cuts have left the province battling its current blazes short-handed. » Read More...

CDRO expands operations to become Canadian Disaster Response Organization

Community Disaster Response Ontario has expanded its operations across the country, renaming to Canadian Disaster Response Organization (CDRO). » Read More...

High temperatures in B.C. pose 'threat of new wildfires,' wildfire service warns

Rain and cooler temperatures in northeastern British Columbia will help suppression efforts for two out-of-control wildfires, but high temperatures forecast for later this week may pose a new threat. » Read More...


Bordering on Disaster Conference

Sept. 13, 2023 | Lloydminster, AB » Learn More

CRHNet 2023 Symposium

October 24, 2023 | Edmonton » Learn More