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Upcoming wildfire season could be worse than last year, federal minister says

Provincial, territorial and federal emergency response ministers have wrapped up two days of meetings in Ottawa, with talks including upcoming wildfire season, which is already getting an early start in Alberta.

Beyond the shelf: How grocers decide what gets donated and what gets dumped

For grocers, selling perishable items means making continual choices about every item on display — especially the ones nearing the end of their shelf life. For those that don’t sell in time, most stores try to donate them to food banks rather than throw them away.

Province not effectively managing hazardous spills, says B.C.'s auditor general

The number of hazardous spills in British Columbia has trended upwards over the last several years, making it even more important for the government to prepare, auditor general Michael Pickup says.

Ottawa appeals court decision finding its use of Emergencies Act was unreasonable

Ottawa has filed to appeal a Federal Court decision that found its invocation of the Emergencies Act in response to the 2022 Freedom Convoy protests was unjustified.


Communication and Catastrophic Events: Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

Communication and Catastrophic Events addresses the practical application and research implications of communication theory in the context of man-made and natural catastrophes. Bringing together contributions by leading experts in crisis management and strategic communication, this timely collection of resources links scientific issues with public policy while discussing the challenges and opportunities for using communication to manage extreme events in the evolving media landscape of the 21st century.

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Climate change adaptation pays dividends

It’s mid-February in Canada and there’s wildfire smoke in the air in BC. Not like there was this past summer, but it’s there, and that’s disconcerting. It’s yet another anomaly on the path to an entirely different world. » Read More...

DRI 2024

March 3-6, 2024 | New Orleans »