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Extreme Heat


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Extreme HeatNewsPreparation

August 16, 2023
Calgary installs temporary water stations to address extreme heat

Extreme HeatNewsResponse

August 15, 2023
Homeless, impoverished at risk during B.C. heat wave, advocates warn

Extreme HeatFeaturesOpinionResponse

August 4, 2023
Opinion: Weather forecast accuracy is crucial in a heat wave

Extreme HeatNewsPreparation

July 14, 2023
White House details ‘extreme heat strategy’ amid blistering temperatures in U.S.

Extreme HeatNewsResponseWildfire

July 11, 2023
B.C. announces total campfire ban amid drastic wildfire surge, worsening drought

Extreme HeatNewsPreparation

July 7, 2023
As extreme heat gets worse, expert calls for access to cooling as a human right

Extreme HeatNewsMitigation & Prevention

June 28, 2023
B.C. to fund 8,000 air conditioners for people vulnerable to extreme heat

Extreme HeatNewsMitigation & PreventionPreparation

May 23, 2023
The heat is on: New guidance addresses heat protection in homes

Extreme HeatNewsResponseWildfire

May 18, 2023
‘Huge relief’ as Drayton Valley residents return home after wildfire evacuation

Extreme HeatNewsResponseWildfire

May 18, 2023
Air quality statements remain in place across Western Canada as wildfires rage

Extreme HeatNewsResponseWildfire

May 16, 2023
Trudeau meets with military personnel helping with Alberta wildfires

Extreme HeatNewsFloodWildfire

May 15, 2023
Flood and fire risks remain as temperatures rise across much of B.C.

Extreme HeatNewsFloodResponse

May 12, 2023
Overnight temperatures to bring relief in upcoming B.C. and Alberta heat wave

Extreme HeatFeaturesMitigation & PreventionPreparationResponse

April 20, 2023
Extreme heat vulnerability: B.C. researchers uncover who’s most at risk

Extreme HeatNewsPreparation

February 28, 2023
Extreme heat is a health crisis, Columbia experts say

Extreme HeatNewsMitigation & PreventionPreparation

October 10, 2022
UN, Red Cross seek better preparation for future heat waves

Extreme HeatFeaturesOpinionFloodMitigation & PreventionSevere StormWildfire

September 14, 2022
United in Science 2022: ‘We are heading in the wrong direction’

Extreme HeatFeaturesOpinionFloodMitigation & PreventionPreparationWildfire

September 13, 2022
Opinion: Canada’s proposed National Adaptation Strategy must address climate change

Extreme HeatNewsFloodMitigation & PreventionPreparation

September 13, 2022
Coalition on climate adaptation says Canada needs hard targets on disaster resilience

Extreme HeatNewsPreparation

September 7, 2022
California faces another day of grid straining extreme heat