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P.E.I. receives post-tropical storm Fiona after-action review

The report examines how all levels of government and non-government agencies responded to the post-tropical storm last September that severely damaged areas of Atlantic Canada.

Sajjan announces new DFAA payments for Manitoba floods, storms

Canada's minister of emergency preparedness held roundtables and met with counterparts in Manitoba last week.

Nova Scotia plans flood plain mapping by 2026

A plan is now in place to create the kind of detailed flood plain maps that some of Nova Scotia's emergency managers have said they lacked when torrential flooding occurred in July.

Alberta COVID 19 panel urges consideration of 'alternative' scientific theories

A panel studying Alberta's pandemic response urges the province to consider alternative scientific theories.

Manitoba EMO partners with RCMP on Alert Ready system

Manitoba’s EMO is providing the RCMP in Manitoba with the training and authority to issue emergency alerts through the Alert Ready system.


A reference on scores of disaster management topics

Introduction to International Disaster Management, Fourth Edition, offers an unbiased, global perspective for students and practitioners alike. Taking a real-world approach with considerable illustration through case studies and recent and historical disaster events, this book prepares students interested in joining the disaster management community to understand the work they will be doing. In addition, it assists those who already work with the disaster management community by helping them better navigate this complex environment.

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Vendors: partners in business, or risky business?

"...businesses now need assurances that vendors will provide the highest quality products and services at exactly the right time under any operating conditions." Vito Mangialardi explains what's involved in a successful vendor management program. » Read More...

DEMCON speakers talk climate change, community resilience, disaster response and recovery

DEMCON speakers shared new initiatives, lessons learned and best practices on disaster response and recovery, community resilience and climate change. Read Avert's coverage from the two-day show in Toronto last month. » Read More...

Mutual aid and cultural competency: collaboration in times of emergency

Disaster Forum provided a platform to address the importance co-operation and relationship building during times of emergency, from mutual aid to the representation of Indigenous voices. Read part 2 of Avert's coverage. » Read More...

Rescuers to dig vertically to reach 41 trapped in India tunnel

Rescuers blocked from reaching 41 trapped construction workers shifted Monday to an attempt to dig toward them vertically in mountainous northern India. » Read More...

Multiple audits advised feds to help First Nations before wildfires hit

A year before First Nations experienced their worst wildfire season, Ottawa’s auditor general was calling on the federal government to do more to support emergency management for Indigenous communities. » Read More...

Advocates laud Halifax disaster registry to aid vulnerable, but want system expanded

Advocates are welcoming a new registry in Halifax that helps vulnerable citizens receive specialized help during emergencies, but they say the service should be available across the province. » Read More...

Ontario activates disaster recovery assistance for spring flood around Nellie Lake

The Ontario government says it's activating the program to support those affected by spring flooding in the area around Nellie Lake. » Read More...

Nova Scotia opens disaster financial assistance program for wildfire losses

The program will help cover uninsurable losses from the wildfires in Halifax Regional Municipality, Shelburne County and Yarmouth County this year. » Read More...


Faults in the fault line

Experts Tanya Patterson and Kari Tyler assess Canada’s West Coast disaster risk offer holistic guidance from Victoria. » Read More...


CatIQ Connect 2024  

Feb. 6-7, 2024 | Toronto » Learn More

DRI 2024

March 3-6, 2024 | New Orleans »