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Indigenous Fire Safety Conference sparks calls for national strategy

Indigenous firefighters and emergency co-ordinators across Canada are looking back at this summer’s disastrous wildfires to improve future responses.

Ontario municipalities roll out local emergency support services trailers

The trailers are the first of their kind in Ontario at a regional level and the county says they will help ensure the safety and well-being of the community in emergency situations.

Nova Scotia moves to designate May 1 as First Responders' Day

Premier Tim Houston introduced new legislation last week that would recognize first responders in healthcare, law enforcement and emergency services.

B.C. funds 4 four climate and disaster risk-reduction projects

The B.C. government is putting $2.9 million into four projects to better inform policy development and decision making around climate and disaster risk reduction.

Lack of fire mitigation measures may have exacerbated Halifax area wildfire: report

A report authored by Halifax Regional Municipality staff lays out weaknesses in its response to the fire that started in a suburb northwest of the city's downtown.


How Nova Scotia’s EMO managed Atlantic Canada’s worst storm

Jason Mew and Lori Errington talk takeaways from their time leading Nova Scotia’s Emergency Management Office during post-tropical storm Fiona last year. » Read More...

Beyond perception: seismic risk in eastern Canada rivals western provinces

Natural Resources Canada scientists Tiegan Hobbs and Alison Bird share findings on nationwide seismic risk and mitigative technologies deploying over the coming months » Read More...

Avert's Fall 2023 Digital Edition is now out

The Fall 2023 digital edition of Avert is out, featuring an exploration of X’s new policies and their effect on disaster and emergency management professionals, from Tiana Putric. » Read More...

Study finds more people are moving into high flood zones

Far more people are in harm's way as they move into high flood zones across the globe, adding to an increase in watery disasters from climate change. » Read More...

Icy flood that killed at least 41 in India's northeast was feared for years

Hundreds of rescuers dug through slushy debris and fast-flowing, icy water in a search for survivors after a glacial lake overflowed and burst through a dam in India's Himalayan north. » Read More...

New research offers improved strategy for social media communications during wildfires

New research contradicts existing crisis communication theory that recommends disaster risk organizations speak with one voice during the entirety of wildfire response operations. » Read More...

FEMA shares results of national emergency alert test

The test message was sent nationwide via wireless emergency alerts to cellular phones and over emergency alert system to radio and television stations. » Read More...


Bridging the Gap

What is emergency management? Depending on who you ask in Canada, you could get very different answers, writes Simon Wells, principal of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management. » Read More...


Disaster Forum

Oct. 24-26, 2023 | Banff, Alta. » Learn More

IAEM Annual Conference

Nov. 3-9, 2023 | Long Beach, Calif. »